Chairman’s Statement

Dear Youngsters,
Welcome to the introductory page of Istanbul GEDIK University Department of Mechatronics Engineering.
Mechatronics Engineering is an engineering discipline that takes place in the process from design to final product of many systems including automotive, defense industry, biomedical applications and many intelligent devices, products and robotic systems. Importance of Mechatronics Engineering is increasing in our country day by day.
One of the most important features making Mechatronics Engineering different from other professions is that every design created by engineering perfectness is transformed into a mechatronic product by analytical methods. Mechatronics Engineering is an engineering profession working on applications such as robotics and automation.
Unlike departments such as mechanical engineering and electrical & electronics engineering from the classical engineering branches, Mechatronics Engineering is active in interdisciplinary applications of technological innovations. Mechatronics engineering is an engineering discipline that develops many products in different fields using subdisciplines of machinery, electrical & electronics, control and software.
Good luck,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Savaş DİLİBAL
Head of Department