Head Of Department’s Message

Dear Students,

Welcome to Istanbul GEDIK University Department of Industrial Engineering.

İstanbul Gedik University was founded by Halil Kaya GEDİK in 2010. The mission of our university is to create an education model that will be taken as an example of industry-education collaboration in Turkey.

Our goal as Industrial Engineering Department is providing a visionary education to our students with an innovative and entrepreneurial perspective that integrates theory and practice.

We take care of our students’ multi-faceted education by transferring national and international experiences. Therefore, we aim to provide opportunities for our students to prepare their future professional life with their project-based work, internship opportunities and international activities in  both production and service sector.

Our students will have the opportunity to have work experience with GEDİK Holding  and to work in part-time jobs  offered within our university . The students will be able to catch the whole point of view as “Secure your Career with GEDİK” as Industrial Engineer.

From your first steps towards your future and your career, we will support you with our qualified and experienced academic staff throughout your education to pursue your dreams and to become a good education.

Have a successful university life and enjoy it.

Wishing to meet you, with my best regards…