Engineering Management (Turkish)

Program Description

The Master’s Program in Engineering Management focuses on the application of methods and techniques to ensure the efficient use and management of projects, construction, materials, labor, machinery, finances, energy, and information. This interdisciplinary program offers students the opportunity to specialize in management according to their undergraduate expertise by offering courses such as Strategic Management, Big Data Management, Risk and Crisis Management, Construction Management, and Project Management. It provides students with a career opportunity centered around their needs.

In this program, candidates with engineering degrees are aimed at being trained as managers equipped with technical knowledge and skills, capable of making strategic and operational decisions in today’s world of new-generation technologies, and capable of competing in a globalized world. This interdisciplinary program has no boundaries in terms of industry and field of activity, allowing graduates to find employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors and work in any field that requires engineering applications and management.

Program Structure

The thesis-based Master’s program in Engineering Management consists of a total of 21 credits, including 7 courses, a seminar course, and a thesis. The seminar course and thesis are graded as either successful or unsuccessful and do not carry credit. The duration of the thesis-based Master’s program is a minimum of four and a maximum of six semesters. The scientific preparation program is not taken into account in duration calculations. Periods in which the student does not register will be included in the maximum duration.


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