Head Of Department’s Message

Dear Students,

Together with the popularization of Internet and computers, significant advancements occurred in all the professional fields. Nowadays, the hardware and software technologies constituting the main topics of computer engineering have an effect in any field of our daily lives and aim to ease our lives.

With the education you’ll have from Computer Engineering Department of Engineering Faculty in İstanbul Gedik University, you’ll graduate with the sufficient knowledge and capabilities for understanding today’s software and hardware technologies and creating the future’s technologies.

Besides the basic concepts such as programming, hardware infrastructure, and computer networks, we’ll provide you with both theoretical and practical courses on current subjects such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, mobile computing, and big data. With this background, you’ll graduate with the capabilities of analytical thinking and meeting the today’s necessities.

Through the internships, laboratory practices, and courses, we’ll prepare you for your future professional life and improve your entrepreneurship skills. With this knowledge you’ll gain, you’re expected to fulfill your duties with the consciousness of handing a better world and environment over to the next generations by adding new ones to your knowledge, as well as being capable of meeting the needs of our age.

As you being your education in Computer Engineering Department, we’ll always support you in order you to have a high-quality education at the national and international levels and to make your dreams come true.

I hope you a very successful university life.