Head Of Department’s Message

Psychology, is a science that examines the genetic, biological and environmental causes of behavior and  focuses on what healthy behavior is, how it develops and in what environments, and also about how to change or correct unhealthy behavior. In our era, where technological developments and social changes are moving fast, people have difficulty in adapting to change. Many people require psychological support to stay healthy, and some people to resolve their problems. Therefore, psychologists are increasingly needed today. Psychology education gives students the opportunity to get to know themselves better and in which sub branch of psychology they want to continue. So, our students after graduation can decide whether they want to work as a practitioner or as a researcher in universities in their final years.The faculty members of our Department of Psychology are making efforts to educate our graduates who are successful, who think about the best interests of human beings, who adhere to the ethical rules and who are well equipped practitioners or researchers / scientists.