Photo and Video Album


Psychology Department orientation meeting was held.



Asst. Prof. Dilek Celik, has visited various judicial institutions within the scope of “United States Justice System: Women and Children Protection Program” as a guest of the US Foreign Ministry’s International Leaders Visitors Program.



Asst Prof. Dilek Celik, has organized a seminar named “Psycho-Social Dimension of Being a Child in the Justice System” at the “Foundation of  Reautonomy to Children”.



Asst. Prof. Dilek Çelik, gave a speech about ”Child and Trauma in Justice System” in the scope of “Child and Trauma Symposium” that organized by Association of Turkish Psychologists.



Asst. Prof. Hale Aksuna, as a guest of “ Multiple Disabilities Calling Meeting, University of Medeniyet” moderated the sessions of discussion groups about “ Intervention and Early Childhood Education” and  presented the result report at the last session.


Asst. Prof. Osman Ağa Önal gave a conference on “Coping with Stress “for Istanbul Gedik University Employees and Students.



With the moderation of Asst. Prof. Dilek Çelik, Asst. Prof. Fulya Giray,  Alper Yalçın Representative of NGO and Cansu Şeker Attorney organized a panel that has the main topic “ Child, Crime and Justice System”.



Asst. Prof. Dilek Çilek gave a speech on “Techniques of Interview with Children” at the organization of “ Multidisciplinary Approach to Child Abuse and the Role of Nursing”



Proff. Dr.  Sibel Mercan ,as a guest of Abbvie Firm, gave a conference about “Psoriasis and Happiness” to Dermatology Specialists on 11 April 2018 in Diyarbakır and 12 April 2018 in Istanbul.



Asst. Prof. Dilek Çelik gave a presentation about “ Killing Your Child: An Interdisciplinary Approach in Filicidal Patients Performed with Vengeance Motivation” at  The 3rd Congress of Understanding National Violence



Asst. Prof. Dilek Çelik discussed ”Forensic Interview Techniques” within the scope of child interview techniques course at III. Understanding National Violence Congress


Asst. Prof. Osman Aga Onal discussed, “Health and Addiction in Digital Environment” within the scope of Human Rights and Cyber ​​Security in Digital World Conference.



Asst. Prof. Dilek Çelik discussed “ Violance and Sexual Crimes against Children in the Digital Environment” within the scope of Human Rights and Cyber ​​Security in Digital World Conference.



Asst. Prof. Osman Ağa Önal discussed “ Mobbing and Psychological Abuse” at the conference of Call to Women From Turkey of The 3rd Millenium.



Seminar on Motivation Sources of Pro-Social Behaviors