Photo and Video Album


Our department staff Dr. Songül Miftakhov gave a conference to our students on “100th Anniversary of the Opening of Turkish Grand National Assembly: Men-i İsrafat Law: Wedding Costs Should Be Reduced, Families Should Multiply” via Zoom program.


Our department staff Professor Sefa Çetin gave an e-conference to our students entitled “A Bureaucratic Journey: Governorship Profession”.


PhD candidate from Chicago Illinois University Reha Atakan Çetin gave a talk to our students entitled “Being A Student in the United States During Corona Days”.


Our department head Assoc. Prof. Ozan Örmeci gave an e-conference titled “Turkish-British Relations in Recent Years” to our department’s students.


Tekirdağ-Süleymanpaşa Governor Mr. Harun Kaya organized an e-conference entitled “Social State Policies during Corona Days” with our students.


Our department staff and Vice Rector Professor Abuzer Pınar gave a lecture on “Current State of Turkish Economy.


Political Science and Public Administration department’s research assistant Ayşenur Balcılar’s new book “Türkiye’de Sosyal Belediyecilik Uygulamaları Bornova Belediyesi Örneği” is published by Cinius Yayınları.


Our department chair Dr. Ozan Örmeci’s new book “A Turkish Social Democract: İsmail Cem” is published by Libra Books.


European Union (EU) expert Can Baydarol gave a conference entitled “Turkish-EU Relations in the Light of Contemporary Developments” in our university on December 10, 2019.


Istanbul Economics Research & Consultancy (İstanbul Ekonomi) Company CEO Can Selçuki gave a lecture on “Voter Expectations in Turkey” in our university on December 4, 2019.


Political Science and Public Administration department organized a symposium on “Liberalism in Turkey” on November 20, 2019. Former Chairman of Turkish Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) Cem Toker, our university’s Law Faculty staff Dr. Ural Aküzüm, and our department staff Dr. Özlem Denli joined the symposium as speakers. Our head of the department Assoc. Prof. Ozan Örmeci moderated the event.


Dr. Berrak Coşkun gave a lecture in our university on November 19, 2019. The title of the course was “Radical Evil Problematic in Hannah Arendt”.


Türk Kızılay director Hüseyin Sevim visited our university and made a talk on stem cell donation on October 30, 2019.

Our department staff Dr. Ahmet Özcan translated a new Turkish edition of Edmund Burke’s “Reflections on the Revolution in France”.