About The Department

Istanbul Gedik University’s Political Science and Public Administration department offers a comprehensive program, which combines the study of political and governmental phenomena with conceptual tools of other disciplines such as Political Science, Public Administration, International Relations, History, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, and Law. We focus on analyzing and interpreting relevant structures and processes on national, international, and local levels. In addition, we provide courses on political thought, ideologies, organizational forms and structures, democracy, authority, civil society, and globalization as well as courses discussing contemporary political events from historical and comparative perspectives.

We encourage our students to participate in international exchange programs with a view to enrich their academic knowledge and experience. Through Erasmus network, our students can study or do an internship abroad. The department also has standing agreements with a number of municipalities and local governorships, which accommodate second and third  year students as interns or at their applied training programs.

Career opportunities available to graduates of political science degree programs include:

  • Ministries, public administration/public service, and local governments
  • Consulting companies
  • Business fields such as banking, advertising, personnel and public relations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Think-thanks
  • Media institutions
  • Education, universities