17 Eyl 2020

Important Information about the Faculty of Engineering Fall Term

As the Faculty of Engineering we have evaluated the risks that may change the course of the COVID-19 outbreak and have decided to revise the education method for the fall term in accordance with the decisions mentioned below, to be implemented in the Fall term of the 2020-2021 academic year:

All faculty and university core courses and all of the compulsory/elective courses that are carried out theoretically will be taught to the students by the distance education method at the specified hours and synchronously (online), according to Istanbul Gedik University Distance Education Rules.

All service courses and interdisciplinary courses, including midterm, final and make-up exams, will be carried out by distance education method.

Regarding applied laboratory courses, Graduation Thesis and Interdisciplinary Project Design courses; if there are theoretical hours, they will be made in the form of synchronous (online) lessons via distance education system. If the practical hours cannot be realized via distance education, they will be applied in the laboratories on the condition that our students take the necessary precautions regarding the Covid-19 outbreak; the hours will be announced to our students. It was decided to carry out the experiments face to face with a limited number of students by dividing students into smaller groups.

In addition, we would like to share with you, our esteemed students, that our plans for the final and make-up exams of the vocational compulsory and elective courses included in the lesson plans of our departments will be also announced separately, taking into account the course of the pandemic and ensuring the hygiene conditions. We wish you a healthy and successful term.

Dean’s Office of The Faculty of Engineering