General Information

Dear Students,

As the Student Affairs Office, our duty is to accurately convey the regulations and guidelines we have prepared to you and all our academic staff, and to carry out tasks in accordance with our academic calendar.

For tasks to be carried out correctly, it is very important for you, our students, to follow the information we publish on this website in a timely manner and to comply with the rules.

Especially, care should be taken to ensure that semester registrations and course registrations are made within the specified period in the academic calendar, as all kinds of transactions related to you are carried out within certain periods in the electronic environment.

In order to benefit efficiently from the services we provide, it will be possible for you to check our links on our website and the student automation system frequently, read the announcements on the announcement boards located on campus, and perform the procedures mentioned in the announcements within the specified period.

Official letters addressed to you are sent to the address declared during registration. It is very important for us to be informed if there are any changes in your address and identity information for us to reach you.

Our duty is to provide you with services based on love, tolerance, and assistance. We believe that together we will succeed and wish you success.