General Information

As the Student Affairs Unit, our duty is to accurately communicate the regulations and directives we have prepared for you and the academic staff, in accordance with our academic calendar.

It is of utmost importance for you, our students, to timely follow the information published on this site and adhere to the rules to ensure proper execution of tasks.

Particular attention should be given to completing semester registrations and course registrations within the specified time frames on the academic calendar since any transaction related to you is conducted within a specific period in an electronic environment.

To benefit from the services we offer, please frequently check the links and student automation on our website and read the announcements posted on campus announcement boards, taking the required actions within the specified time.

Official statements sent to you via mail are sent to the addresses declared during registration. If there are any changes to your address and contact information, please inform us promptly as it is crucial.

Our mission is to provide you with helpful services. We believe that by working together, we can achieve this goal and wish you success.