Istanbul Gedik University International Relations Master’s Program (with-Thesis) is a superior, qualified and privileged program that is different from similar programs. This feature of the program stems from the original educational model, the uniqueness of the program, and the opportunity to learn a second language (Chinese, Arabic, Persian and Hebrew) throughout the education. In addition, the projects to be made with Python and Power BI, which are the Artificial Intelligence languages that will be learned in the “Artificial Intelligence & International Relations ” course in the program, contain a special feature. The natural result of this quality of the program is the production of original theses that contribute to the discipline.

In Istanbul Gedik University International Relations Master’s Program, on the one hand, we aim to examine the phenomenon of globalization with its past and its effects, as a basic scientific objectives, and on the other hand, we plan to examine the Middle East in the context of its peoples, identities, geopolitics, states and those states’ relationship with great powers, along with regional circumstances. In addition, this Program discusses how Turkish Foreign Policy is affected from it and Turkey’s relationship with the great powers within this framework. It is a Master’s Program that meets the expectations of the business world and public as being student-oriented, and seminar, discussion and scenario driven as our Education Model requires. Striking features of the program;

  1. Application according to our original education model, 
  2. The program is in full English,
  3. A chance to get a second foreign language besides English,
  4. Learning Python and Power BI from artificial intelligence languages within the scope of the main subject of Digitalization and International Relations,
  5. Trainings can be conduct remotely as well as face-to-face.