Organizational Psychology Non-Thesis Program

Description of the Program;

In today’s rapidly changing business life, the most valuable resource of organizations is their employees. Analyzing the human value at the highest level and understanding how in-organizational behaviors affect other managerial and institutional structures in business life will increase total organizational productivity. In this context, the right selection & placement of human resources, development and performance evaluation are the most important keys to corporate effectiveness and success. Increasing productivity and efficiency can be achieved by connecting employees in corporate life with high motivation, well-being and a high sense of belonging to the institution.

At this point, within the framework of university-business life cooperation, the Organizational Psychology Non-Thesis Master’s Program is for young people who are new to business life,  who want to work in human-oriented departments within the institution in their careers, who work in the human resources & education department, who want to add new competencies to their work experience and who work in the management level. It is a suitable program for people who want to add human-oriented thinking skills to their technical competencies.

Structure of the program:

Organizational Psychology Non-Thesis Master’s Program consists of 10 courses with a total of 30 credits and a term project. The term project is non-credit and graded as successful or unsuccessful. The duration of the non-thesis master’s program is at least two and at most three semesters. Scientific preparation program is not taken into account in time calculations. The periods in which the student does not register are included in the maximum period.