The Aim of the Program

International Trade Doctorate Program

The main purpose of International Trade Ph.D programme is  to train candidates for meeting the needs of senior managers in the trade sector. In addition to this, it is aimed to train researchers and academic members who will train the staff needed by the trade sector.

Target Group

All public and private sector employees engaged in international trade and those who want to become academics in universities.

International Trade Master’s Program with Thesis

Our International Trade Master’s Program with Thesis is for students graduating from different undergraduate programs, individuals aiming to pursue a Ph.D and professionals working in different sectors. The content of the program aims to meet the different career conditions of managers, entrepreneurs, and researchers that will operate in the private sector, public sector, universities, and NGOs.

International Trade Master’s Program without Thesis

Our International Trade Non-Thesis Master Program is for individuals and professionals who graduate from different undergraduate programs and/or work in different sectors. It aims to meet the different career needs of managers and entrepreneurs who will operate in private sector, public institutions and NGOs.