The Aim Of The Program

Academic studies in the field of gastronomy are progressing rapidly in the world and in our country. In recent years, a wide range of researches have been carried out on defining the fields of gastronomy science and conducting scientific studies in this field. As is known, gastronomy; public health, tourism, relations between cultures and economies of countries are of great importance, especially in intercultural relations. Gastronomy has been studied for many years, but in recent years gastronomy has been developed to address not only a region but also all regions of the world. Nutrition, which is important in human health, is of great importance in the science of gastronomy. Menus and foods to be prepared without losing the quality and value of nutrients are very important in the field of gastronomy. The Master’s program in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts will pioneer scientific studies in this field in our country and will support the academic sta‑ needed in this field. The academicians who will be employed in this program are experts in gastronomy, food and nutrition fields and have educated many master and doctoral students.

The aim of the master’s program with thesis is to provide the student with the ability to access, evaluate and interpret information by conducting scientific research. This program consists of at least 8 courses, a seminar course and a thesis study, provided that it is not less than 30 ECTS credits. Seminar course and thesis work are non-credit and evaluated as successful or unsuccessful.