Data Science and Analytics Non-Thesis Program

As computer capabilities have improved and increasing numbers of data have been collected, almost everything has started to be stored and analyzed. The analysis of large quantities of data collected and the elimination of uncertain mechanisms in events have always been the work of Mathematical-Statistics. Due to the increasing importance of obtaining data-driven information, Data Science techniques became available for taking measures and making predictions. In recent years, Data Science has become more important and more popular than ever before, as a combination of disciplines such as Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Engineering.

In response to these developments, many of the world’s leading universities have added Statistics and Data Analysis to their master’s degree programs. The fields of data science include computational AI, machine learning, statistics, and databases. Istanbul Gedik University Data Science Master’s Program, unlike its counterparts, focuses not just on Data Science Techniques, but also emphasizes Statistical Theory. There is no theory without practice and no practice without theory, as is well known. As a result, when mathematical-statistical information is given only as pure theory, it cannot contribute to problem-solving.


Globally, graduates of these Master’s programs find jobs in business, government, finance, biology, medicine, risk management, science, and engineering.