Purpose of Program

The specialty of clinical psychology is lifelong support and assistance to individuals and society in physical, mental and social areas, in case of disruption of mental health and daily functionality.

Clinical Psychology involves a wide range of physical, psychological and social contexts of the study area, first of all it requires knowledge of the concepts related to all the fields of psychology. Therewith, mental health protection needs competent, professional staff with concept, technical and theoretical knowledge and application skills to support the individual in case of disruption in this broad framework.

The Clinical Psychology Master’s Program, conducted by the Institute of Social Sciences of Istanbul Gedik University, aims to train qualified professionals, Clinical Psychologists, to meet the increasing need in this field as well as in our country.

For this purpose,

To be aware of the principles of clinical psychology profession and ethical responsibility, sensitive to individual and intercultural differences, needs,

To be able to conduct information and protection activities for the community about mental health,

To be able to look at new ideas as well as his / her own thoughts critically and to follow the innovations in the field of clinical psychology from this critical point of view,

Observing and identifying the bio-psycho-social problems that may arise during human life,

Know and apply basic psychological assessment, psychological help and intervention techniques

By synthesizing the similarities and differences between psychotherapy approaches, learning and applying intervention techniques of a specific psychotherapy approach under supervision,

To be able to conduct and conduct research, to interpret the results of the research data, to produce new assumptions, to reflect clinical applications to the scientific field,

To be able to work within their own discipline and with other disciplines,

To train graduates who can follow the national and international literature and follow the innovations and developments in the field are the aims of the program.

The program is designed to develop the students’ theoretical knowledge and skills related to the profession of psychology.

The program includes theoretical and practical courses aiming to gain basic clinical skills in the field of mental health and compulsory courses related to scientific research methods, as well as a wide range of elective courses that students can take according to their preferences.

T.C. Istanbul Gedik University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Clinical Psychology provides students with Master’s degree level and the title of Clinical Psychologist.