Business Administration (English)

Program Description

Our English Non-Thesis Master’s Program in Business Management is designed for graduates from various undergraduate programs and/or those working in different sectors. The program, with its updated content reflecting current developments, supports students in acquiring the competence to conduct independent and original scientific research. Graduates of the program also gain a theoretical and practical foundation that enables them to work in managerial positions in both private and public institutions.

With globalization and technological advancements, the competencies required for professional business management in constantly changing work environments are continually evolving and being updated. Understanding the technological, socio-economic, and political processes, as well as transformation dynamics within businesses, and capturing innovations, are crucial for ensuring effective outcomes for business functions and organizations as a whole. Therefore, our program aims to meet the diverse career needs of students who aspire to become managers and entrepreneurs in the private sector, public organizations, and NGOs, with a curriculum and content focused on theory and practice related to evolving management competencies.

Individuals with undergraduate degrees in any field can apply to our program. Our program produces graduates who generate innovative and creative ideas, possess knowledge of management systems and practices used in businesses, and plan professional development activities by working with responsibility in professional activities and projects in their field. Our graduates work as experts in areas such as marketing, finance, and accounting, or as managerial consultants in businesses.

Program Structure

The Non-Thesis Master’s Program in Business Management (English) consists of a total of 30 credits, including 10 courses and a term project. The term project is non-credit and is graded as either successful or unsuccessful. The duration of the non-thesis master’s program is a minimum of two and a maximum of three semesters. Scientific preparation programs are not considered in duration calculations. Periods in which the student does not register are included in the maximum duration.

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