Business Administration ( English)


The Aims of The Program

The aim of our Master of Business Administration Thesis/ Non-Thesis Programs is to provide a strong foundation for graduates of different undergraduate programs and / or working in different sectors to become professional managers. The Master Business Administration with Thesis Program supports the competence of independent and original scientific research for individuals and professionals intending to pursue academic studies and PhD.

With the globalization and technological developments, professional business management competencies required by constantly changing business environments are constantly changing and updated. To comprehend the technological, socio-economic and political processes and transformation dynamics of enterprises and to capture innovations is undoubtedly very important in terms of ensuring the efficient functioning of enterprises and enterprises in total. Therefore, our program aims to meet the different career needs of executive and entrepreneurial students who will be active in private sector, public institutions and NGOs with its course and content related to the theory and practice of renewed management competencies.