Department of Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Program Description

Artificial Intelligence Engineering develops engineering applications that mimic human behavior and intelligence using machine learning algorithms and deep learning methods. In today’s world, where we are in the age of technology and information technology, and digitalization is highly emphasized, there is a significant demand for highly qualified artificial intelligence engineers.

The vision of our Artificial Intelligence Engineering Master’s Program is primarily to provide the necessary knowledge to individuals who will conduct research in a technological sense, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, it aims to contribute to meeting the demand for academic staff and fostering highly skilled artificial intelligence engineers who can also lead research efforts. Our students acquire knowledge and skills related to advanced machine learning algorithms, data mining, big data analysis, statistics, information management, and security, as well as various software programs.

Our graduates work in various sectors, including defense industry, healthcare institutions, state-owned and private banks, various ministries and their related units, the retail sector, transportation sector, aviation sector and its ground services, maritime sector, oil and gas research and drilling operations, robotic smart resources in industry, defense industry, ionizing radiation inspection systems, pipeline transportation and smart systems, other transportation and logistics sectors, as well as universities, the entire education sector, media organizations, multimedia, computer games, and organizations involved in website development.

Program Structure

The thesis-based Artificial Intelligence master’s program consists of a total of 7 courses, a seminar course, and thesis work, totaling 21 credits. The seminar course and thesis work are graded as either successful or unsuccessful and carry no credit. The duration of the thesis-based master’s program is a minimum of four and a maximum of six semesters. Scientific preparation programs are not taken into account in the duration calculations. Periods in which the student does not register are included in the maximum duration.

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