Nursing is one of the leading fields in the healthcare sector. According to the definition provided by the Turkish Nurses Association (THD) Education Committee in 1981: “Nursing is a healthcare discipline consisting of science and art responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating nursing services aimed at protecting, improving, and healing the health and well-being of individuals, families, and the community. In addition to roles such as providing care and participating in treatment plans, nurses also have responsibilities in counseling, research, management, quality improvement, collaboration, and communication.

The aim of the Nursing Department is to educate nurses who can plan, implement, evaluate, and critically think about nursing care in the light of evidence-based practices, primarily for the purpose of protecting and improving the health of individuals and the community, as well as providing nursing care in case of illness, by combining academic excellence and research elements.

Graduates have the opportunity to work in various settings, including private and public hospitals, family health centers, medical centers, community health centers, rehabilitation centers, outpatient diagnosis and treatment service providers, nursing homes for the elderly, schools, workplace health units, home care service providers, and emergency healthcare services.