Head Of Department’s Message

Dear students of the Department of Child Development, first of all welcome to your university and department. This program is a four-year undergraduate education program that aims to educate and train individuals who can make diagnosis and evaluation for children, aged 0-18, make family counseling, prepare developmental support programs and apply them, use technological and scientific methods and techniques, and behaves ethically. Within the scope of the education, the students are given courses for working with children whose development is typical, children with special needs, acute and chronic diseases, in need of protection or under developmental risk, and our students are prepared with both theoretical and practical studies.

Child development specialists also collaborate with and support families, healthcare professionals and related persons. Individuals who complete this section can work under the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, in Guidance and Research Centers, in hospitals. If they take pedagogical formation, they can work in pre-school education institutions and in vocational high schools at the departments of child development as teachers, and in the case of continuing their master and doctorate education, they can work as academicians. I recommend that you make the most of the university’s facilities so that you can start your career from a good location in the future. I wish you all the best, I wish you all success.