Points and Quotas

Our department accepts students with SIGNEL score in Undergraduate Placement.

The total quota of Visual Communication Design Department is 35 persons.

2018-2019 Department of Visual Communication Design Score Type, Quota and Scholarship Rates


Program Name                                      Points Type                    Quota                  Smallest Score              The Biggest Score 

Visual communication design                        SÖZ                             4                                 (*)                                       (**)

(Full scholarship)

Visual communication design                        SÖZ                              7                            ————-                           ————-

(75% Scholarship)

Visual communication design                        SÖZ                             24                            ————-                          ————-

 (50% Scholarship)


(*) and (**) – In 2018 – 2019 Academic Year, since TSI is the type of score, the previous year’s TS 2 Score value / Score is not taken.


The following table can be examined for the 2016-2017 OSYM data.

2016-2017 Visual Communication Design ÖSYM Data

Program Name                         Points Type      Quota     Registrant   Smallest Score   The Biggest Score 

Visual communication design                   TS-2                      4                 4                     368,38425                    386,48909

(Full scholarship)

Visual communication design                   TS-2                        28            11                     236,46872                   312,03927

(50% Scholarship)

Visual communication design                   TS-2                        2              0                        ————-                     ————-

 (25% Scholarship)

Visual communication design                   TS-2                        1              0                        ————-                     ————-




2017-2018 Academic Year Visual Communication Design Department Quotas,



Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture     TOTAL QUOTA   FULL SCHOLARSHIP  75% SCHOLARSHIP 50% SCHOLARSHIP PAID

Visual Communication Design             35                           4                              4                             27                             0


In 2017-2018 Academic Year, students who will choose Istanbul Gedik University Fine Arts Faculty of Architecture Visual Communication Design Department should take into consideration the quota conditions below.

  • The scholarships to be given, including the compulsory preparatory class,

Full Scholarship: Full tuition fee,

50% Scholarship: Half of the tuition fee,

25% Scholarship: It covers one fourth of the tuition fee and the students will pay the rest of the tuition fee. (Optional prep classes are excluded.)

2- Students who want to attend a one-year English Language Preparatory Program within the quota.

  • Istanbul Gedik University, which is founded by Gedik Education and Social Assistance Foundation, has a fee for Education (including Optional Preparation Program). These fees are determined each year by the Board of Trustees.


Department of Visual Communication Design Scholarships (2017-2018)

1-In the first five thousand students in the University Placement Exam, 100% Halil Kaya Gedik scholarship is awarded if they choose İstanbul Gedik University in the first place and win.

2-According to the evaluation made at the end of each academic year, students who achieve outstanding success are granted an Academic Achievement Scholarship for the following academic year. The amount and conditions of this scholarship are determined by the Board of Trustees for each academic year.

3-100% scholarship is given to the children of Şehit and Gazi who have won our university as much as the full scholarship quota of the department (7 people).