Head Of Department’s Message

From the most fundamental engineering of the world, which gave the name to the ages, from Metallurgical Engineering; to Material Science which captures the future and which is the science that extends to eternity, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is a magic engineering that transforms the gifts given by nature to technology. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, a common point of all other engineering fields, is an interdisciplinary engineering and provides material for all engineering applications.

Metallurgical and Materials Engineers, by identifying the necessity of technology, determine the most favorable material and produce, form, develop and commercialise these materials. Unlike the other engineering fields, the developments in Materials Science is never going to end. With dozens of features that have not yet been discovered, even the metals that are well thought-out are discovering new features every day, and unique metals for every application are being produced with innovative and creative approaches. Moreover, under the main headings of not only metals also traditional and advanced technological ceramic materials, plastic materials, composite materials which are the combination of different types of materials and which combine the properties of different material types; such as nanotechnological applications, semiconducters, smart materials, biomaterials; sustainable and high value-added applications will make Metallurgical and Materials Engineering valuable forever.

From the Construction Sector to the Biomedical Sector, from the Space Aviation Industry to the Defense Industry, from the Electrical and Electronics Applications to the Mechanical Systems, from the Energy Sector to the Robotic Applications and from the Automotive Industry to the Automation Systems; Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in every application area that may come to mind, can find the opportunity to work in the management staff such as Production Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Research and Development Engineer, Project Engineer, Sales Engineer, Product Development Engineer etc. in these sectors.