Head Of Department’s Message

Dear Students,

Welcome to Istanbul Gedik University Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering web page.

Our department has been opened with the decision of the Higher Education Council dated 16.12.2015 and numbered 69961 and has the authority to take students with the decision no. 24293 dated 30.03.2017.

As the Civil Engineering Department, we invite you to be the first students of our newly established department.

You will prepare yourself for life at this institution where you will spend at least four years. We are committed to providing you with the best opportunities and support. Our department has gained the basic concepts and principles of civil engineering, sensitive to the environment and sustainable development rules, absorbed the values ​​of professional ethics, creativity, leadership and entrepreneurship spirit, team work adopted and well-communicated with the environment, and can compete with colleagues on a global and national scale to train as engineers It aims. When you are on your journey to win your profession, you should keep in mind that you fall on the task and make sure that you choose your profession correctly.

The basic requirements of people such as housing, transportation and survival are building with engineering structures such as road bridge dam channel. Civil Engineering is the oldest and deep-rooted branch of engineering that deals with planning, designing, designing, constructing and supervising economic structures.

Nowadays, the need for civil engineering is increasing due to the fact that our country is in the earthquake zone and caused by the drought, floods and migration caused by global warming.

I wish you luck in achieving your goals and achievements in your student life that you started to become a good engineer.