We are facilitating a Mentorship Program, which brings together students from Istanbul Gedik University and executives from Gedik Holding

The Mentorship Program aims to connect Istanbul Gedik University students with executives from Gedik Holding to enable the sharing of their career and professional experiences and prepare the students for their future professional lives.

We will start this program with 20 students initially, and the selected students will be paired with executives based on their respective fields of study for one academic semester. Each executive will be matched with a maximum of 2 students for the program. The matched students and executives will together determine the conditions for their meetings (such as time, duration, location, and topics). In this context, we expect our mentors (executives) to listen to their mentees’ (students’) wishes and expectations, guide the students about the business world, the company, and the industry, provide assistance during internships, part-time job searches, and full-time job applications, help the mentees in self-discovery, and conduct the planned meetings (up to 2 hours per month).

At the end of the semester, after completing the meetings, we request our mentors to prepare an evaluation report to identify the program’s strengths and areas that need improvement for its future development.