Public Law Master’s With Thesis

Program Description

The Public Law Master’s Program is designed for individuals aiming to specialize and acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of public law. In this regard, the program aims to enable students to develop themselves in the fundamental areas of public law through courses conducted by a distinguished academic staff.

The theoretical aspect of the courses is planned to be presented to students with a participatory approach, allowing them to internalize not only the basic principles of the relevant field but also controversial issues. Additionally, students are encouraged and supported in preparing academic articles and projects in their areas of interest, with the goal of solidifying the theoretical and technical knowledge gained in the courses. This way, individuals interested in law and public law are equipped to strengthen their career paths in this field, as well as gain a new perspective that will facilitate their professional practice.

The Non-Thesis Master’s Program in Public Law offers a richly detailed course program focusing on constitutional law, criminal law and criminal procedure law, administrative law, international law, and general public law for those seeking to deepen their knowledge in the field of public law. With this program, students will not only gain expertise in specific areas but also develop legal reasoning skills regarding developments at both national and international levels.

The Public Law Master’s Program also accepts individuals outside the Law Faculty who have graduated and are engaged in work and activities related to law (such as mediators, law enforcement officers, forensic experts, financial advisors, etc.) as students, provided they meet the criteria. Our graduates work in various fields of law (as lawyers, judges, prosecutors, legal advisors) as well as carry out tasks in their respective undergraduate fields.

Program Structure

The Thesis Master’s Program in Public Law consists of a total of 21 credits, including 7 courses, a seminar course, and a thesis project. The seminar course and thesis project are non-credit and will be graded as either pass or fail. The duration of the thesis master’s program is a minimum of four and a maximum of six semesters. The duration does not include the scientific preparation program. Any periods during which the student does not register are included in the maximum duration.

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