Program Description

The general aim of the Doctorate Program in Business is to ensure that students have the highest level of theoretical knowledge in the field of management and organization and a general knowledge base in business functional areas such as human resources, marketing, finance, and quality management. It also aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to understand and apply contemporary research methods that can be used to solve business problems and to provide creative and change-focused solutions to these problems. Additionally, it seeks to prepare graduates to effectively convey the subjects of management and organization to their students as potential faculty members.

In our Doctorate Program, we offer training that allows students to increase their theoretical knowledge, evaluate developments in international markets with a global perspective, possess both theoretical and applied foundational knowledge, and design academic research through extensive research methodology training. Students who successfully complete their doctoral education in business can find employment in the public and private sectors, in administrative units of civil society organizations and similar institutions, as top-level managers, or they can become academicians in universities.

Program Structure

The Doctorate Program in Business consists of a total of 21 credits, including 7 courses and a seminar course, as well as a thesis that includes the doctoral qualification, thesis proposal, thesis monitoring, and thesis defense stages. The stages that include the seminar course and thesis work are non-credit and are graded as either successful or unsuccessful. The duration of the doctoral program is a minimum of eight and a maximum of twelve semesters. Scientific preparation programs are not taken into account in the duration calculations. Periods during which the student is not registered are included in the maximum duration. There is no “special student” status in doctoral programs. Candidates are required to meet all minimum conditions during their definitive registrations.

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