Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietitians are healthcare professionals who work on the preparation of medical nutrition programs, ensuring individuals can nourish themselves adequately, in a balanced and healthy manner. They focus on the proper cooking and presentation of foods for health, ensure the appropriate utilization of existing food resources in accordance with health regulations, and educate and raise awareness among individuals and communities. They design nutrition programs or diets that are suitable for individuals based on factors such as age, gender, physical activity, biochemistry, lifestyle, and current health condition.

Recent research indicates that dietitians are projected to hold a prominent and popular position among professions in the near future. The aim of the Nutrition and Dietetics program is to provide students with a contemporary education grounded in the fundamental principles of nutrition and dietetics.

In order to improve human health, the education in nutrition and dietetics plays a crucial role in promoting awareness of healthy eating habits. This includes determining the nutritional status of the population, identifying and evaluating issues beforehand, establishing and managing the country’s food and nutrition plans and policies, conducting food analyses, determining nutritional requirements for different age groups, managing and organizing meal services in institutions providing communal nutrition, and planning and implementing diet programs for prevention, management, and treatment of diseases.

Our goal is to educate professionals who will establish, develop, and sustain the necessary systems for individuals and communities in the field of nutrition, which directly affects personal and public health. Therefore, in this program, we teach all the terms, concepts, and theories related to nutrition and dietetics, aiming to enable students to apply their acquired knowledge in the fields of healthcare, education, and business.

Healthcare services are among the primary domains in which dietitians work. They offer clinical and outpatient services, particularly in hospitals and specialized units (such as obesity, diabetes, oncology, cardiology, etc.). Dietitians in healthcare institutions are often referred to as medical nutrition experts. With the deepening of the scientific foundation of nutrition, specialization areas have emerged, as seen in other professions. The most notable specializations are sports nutrition and diabetes nutrition. Other career opportunities include education and menu supervision/management (primary and preschools, nursing homes, hotels, and restaurants), promotion and marketing of various food and nutritional products, as well as individual nutrition counseling centers.

The Nutrition and Dietetics Department, under the umbrella of the Faculty of Health Sciences, admitted its first students in the 2018-2019 academic year. Graduates in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics obtain the title of ‘Dietitian’ at the undergraduate level, and those with a master’s degree earn the title of ‘Nutrition and Diet Specialist’.


Our mission is to educate professionals in the fields of nutrition and health who possess vocational and scientific competence within the framework of international educational standards. These professionals will contribute to the improvement, enhancement, protection, and overall quality of public health, while remaining open to lifelong learning, respecting human rights, and demonstrating environmental awareness.


Our vision is to become a leading department that is nationally and internationally accredited, preferred, recommended, and recognized as an exemplary model.