Course Plan and Program

Mechatronics Engineering program is a multidisciplinary engineering program formed by the integration of mechanics, electrical-electronics, control and software fields. The training plan was created to answer our graduates to work on a wide scale such as the design, modeling, simulation and analysis of a complex system, the solution of problems in these systems, the operation of a mechatronic system, the production of smart machines and systems, and the data collection and detection systems. The final curriculum is developed in line with the educational objectives and program outcomes.

In order for a student to graduate from the Mechatronics Engineering Program, he / she must pass all the courses (240 ECTS in total) in the curriculum of 8 semesters. The courses in the education plan are divided into three categories: Mathematics and Basic Sciences in 60 ECTS, Professional Subjects (Engineering Sciences + Engineering Design) in 153 ECTS and General Education in 27 ECTS. It was determined by the instructors who gave the course to what extent the courses included these categories.

“Mechatronic System Design” and “Diploma Thesis / Project” courses are included in the training plan in order to gain the main design experience that students use the knowledge and skills acquired in the lessons, including engineering standards and realistic conditions / constraints. In addition to these courses, the “Interdisciplinary Design Project” course is carried throughout the faculty, especially to provide students with the necessary competence and experience in conducting interdisciplinary projects.

In the “Interdisciplinary Design Project” course, the topics of the projects are determined by faculty members / staff and program heads in a way that will create a main design experience that will include the engineering standards, realistic constraints and conditions that students can use the knowledge and skills acquired in previous courses.

Mechatronics Engineering (English)